Classroom practice of the Montessori theories

Materials were created and introduced in the classroom in accordance with Maria Montessori learning theories.

The material has a double objective. First, children have the opportunity to experiment the joy of learning by making their own choices. Secondly, they get to develop their natural learning process by mastering the materials.

Dr. Maria Montessori thought that the materials would enrich children’s experiences within the classroom by teaching himself basic educational information.

There are five type of material in a Montessori classroom

Practical life materials

WetPouringImportant for the younger ones, this material focuses on daily life activity. The child starts off with easy tasks such as using a sponge and further learn more complex ones including making biscuits. The child gets to develop his self-confidence, autonomy while preparing his little hands to soon writing.

Sensorial materials

DSC_2921Sensorial materials are introduced to the child after mastering the practical life materials. The activities regroups concepts such as forms, colors, dimension, sounds, weight and temperature. Children get to discover, organize his own perceptions and put words on them. Little by little, the child develops his logical thoughts and can associate the sensorial experience with the conceptualisation which in other words means going from concrete to abstract.

Mathematic materials

DSC_0022In Montessori classroom, every mathematical concepts are introduced with concrete and sensorial material that children get to manipulate. Children can build on concrete basis and easily go from concrete to abstract concepts.

Language material

Detective_Adjective_GameThis material prepare children for reading and writing with gestural writing preparation and the development of oral language. Then, they analyze sounds and their association to signs which will lead the child to learning how to write then read.


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